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Return to the Sacred: A Discussion Course on the Dispelling of Darkness in the World
Return to the Sacred: A Discussion Course on the Dispelling of Darkness in the World
'Spiritual Excellence Leads to Sacredness and Sainthood,' by Father John Lovell

Spiritual Excellence Leads to Sacredness and Sainthood
Father John Lovell

How can we grow in holiness and become more like Christ? Father John Lovell invites us to learn from the inspiring example of Saint John Vianney, the humble priest who transformed a whole village by his love and zeal. In this lesson, you will discover how Saint John Vianney’s passion for God and his people led him to a life of prayer, penance, and service. You will also see how his spiritual excellence was rooted in his devotion to the Eucharist, the source and summit of our faith.

  1. Do you believe it is important for beauty to meet adoration? Why or why not?
  2. How does the life of Saint John Vianney connect with you in your pursuit of the sacred?
  3. What are some things that can motivate a person to move from settling on being spiritually average to pursuing spiritual excellence?

Father John Lovell’s Bio:

Father John Lovell is a Catholic priest from the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois, who co-founded the Coalition for Canceled Priests, a group that supports clergy who are persecuted by their bishops for telling the truth. He was ordained in 2007 and has a Master’s in Dogmatic Theology from Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary. He was removed from public ministry in 2012 by Bishop David Malloy after reporting allegations of sexual misconduct by a teacher in the diocese. He is currently appealing his case to the Vatican.

You can learn more about him and his work at:

The Saintmaker
Catholic Life Planner
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