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Return to the Sacred: A Discussion Course on the Dispelling of Darkness in the World
Return to the Sacred: A Discussion Course on the Dispelling of Darkness in the World
'Forming a Life Devoted to Sacred Truth,' by Father Gregory Maturi, O.P.

Forming a Life Devoted
to Sacred Truth
Father Gregory Maturi, O.P.

Father Gregory Maturi, O.P., reveals how we can reclaim our sacredness in a world full of distractions. He shows us how to seek veritas, the truth that sets us free, and how to resist the lies that enslave us. This lesson will inspire you to pursue the sacred with passion and joy.

  1. How do friendships and community help one develop a deeper sense of the sacred?
  2. How intimately is the pursuit of veritas connected to the pursuit of the sacred?
  3. What are the different challenges that people who live in comfort have versus those who live in poverty?

Dominican Father Gregory Maturi’s Bio:

Father Gregory Maturi, O.P., is a Dominican priest of the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph who has served in various missions in the United States and Kenya. He is known for his passion for preaching, teaching, and living out the four pillars of Dominican spirituality: prayer, study, community, and apostolate. He was the pastor of St. Dominic’s Parish in Youngstown, Ohio, from 2009 to 2015, where he faced many challenges and witnessed the murder of a parishioner in the parking lot. Most recently, he was assigned to the vicariate of Eastern Africa, where he worked with the poor and marginalized in Kisumu, Kenya. He is currently assigned to the Dominican missions in Puerto Rico.

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