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Return to the Sacred: A Discussion Course on the Dispelling of Darkness in the World
Return to the Sacred: A Discussion Course on the Dispelling of Darkness in the World
'The Sacredness of Fasting & Abstinence,' by Matthew Plese

The Sacredness of
Fasting & Abstinence
Matthew Plese

Do you want to rediscover the sacredness of life? Do you want to deepen your relationship with God and His Church? Then join Matthew Plese as he explores the ancient and powerful practice of fasting and abstinence. Learn how this discipline has shaped the history of Catholicism and how it can transform your pursuit of the sacred.

  1. How does fasting give us a more profound and richer sense of the sacred?
  2. When you think of how deeply fasting and abstinence assist us only the way to sanctity, which canonized saints come to mind?
  3. How has the Church asking less of you, or imposing fewer disciplines upon you, helped or hindered your pilgrimage?

Matthew Plese’s Bio:

Matthew Plese is a Third Order Dominican who resides in Chicago, IL. Matthew is the President of, an online-based organization whose mission is to make the best in Catholic religious education and Sacramental preparation available for those who need it.

Matthew also creates a variety of Catholic content, including a monthly piece on apologetics and catechesis for Catholic Family News, a weekly column for the Fatima Center, and a monthly piece on Catholic customs for One Peter Five. He is also the author of Catholic Book Summaries: 54 Traditional and Contemporary Classics (2013), Eschatology: The Catholic Study of the Four Last Things (2015), Understanding the Precepts of the Church (2015), The Roman Catechism Explained for the Modern World (2022), & The Definitive Guide to Catholic Fasting and Abstinence (2023).

Matthew spends his leisure time traveling, reading, writing, running marathons, and enjoying Catholic culture.

Learn more about Matthew Plese’s articles, books, and projects at

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