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About Us

Saint Dominic’s Media Inc.

Founded in 2017, Saint Dominic’s Media is a publisher of Catholic print, video, and other media. Our mission is to crusade for peace through truth by sharing and reflecting the Dominican spirit of a life devoted to liturgical prayer, the study of sacred truth, and zeal for the Catholic community.


David L. Gray, President & Publisher

A 2006 convert to the Catholic Church, David L. Gray (born 1972) is an American Catholic Theologian, Historian, and Humorist. He is also the founding President and Publisher of Saint Dominic’s Media. David L. Gray holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Central State University (Ohio) and a Master of Arts in Catholic Theology from Ohio Dominican University. 

His anthology of Catholic books includes Dead on Arrival: The Seven Fatal Errors of Sola Scriptura, Cooperating with God: The Bridegroom’s Prayer, Cooperating with God: Life with Cross, The Divine Symphony: An Exordium on the Theology of the Catholic Mass, The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry: A Theological and Historical Treatment on the Catholic Church’s Prohibition Against Freemasonry and Its Appendant Masonic Bodies, and Catholic, Traditional & Black: In Anthology and Discourse. Prior to his conversion to Catholicism, he authored two books on Freemasonry and many essays on the same topic. After his conversion, he completed a final historical work on Freemasonry.

David L. Gray and his wife Felicia reside in Kaiserslautern, Germany, where he continues to make an effort to be the best father he can be to his four daughters, write beautiful theological prose, and anticipate the day when he might witness the Cleveland Browns win a Super Bowl. For more information about David L. Gray, visit his | WEBSITE | AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE | YOUTUBE | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN |EMAIL|

Kyle Kopy, Director of Catechesis

Kyle Kopy has nearly 15 years of experience in Catholic lay ministry. In the past, he’s served in various parish roles including catechist and coordinator of youth and young adult ministry. He recently held the theology department chair at a large all-boys high school in southeast Michigan — where he taught theology and philosophy for many years.

During his tenure there, he used his knowledge of digital technology to develop and implement a successful online curriculum and created a remediation program for struggling students. He currently works in Catholic media.    

Mr. Kopy holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, MI, and an M.A. in Dogmatic Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, CT. He is certified by the Archdiocese of Detroit as a catechist and high school religion teacher. He also earned a certificate in classical education through Classical Academic Press.   

He, his wife, and their four children live in the metro-Detroit area, where they enjoy attending the Latin Mass, homeschooling, bike riding, and playing badminton.   For more information about Kyle Kopy, visit his | LINKEDIN | EMAIL |

Bobby Hesley, Director of Apologetics

Bobby Hesley is a dynamic speaker, writer, and Catholic Evangelist. His is host of the very popular podcast and Youtube channel “The Bobby Hesley Show.” Although Bobby was born and raised as a “Cradle Catholic”, he has always had a passion to share his Catholic faith with everyone whom he encounters, whether they are Catholic, non-Catholic, or even non-Christian. Ever since his early childhood, Bobby has felt God’s call to be a Catholic Evangelist.

His passion is to serve the Church by teaching the Catholic Faith to those who wish to learn it, to clarify the Catholic Faith to those who don’t understand it, to defend the Catholic Faith against those who seek to challenge it, and most importantly to share it with those outside the Faith who have never seen or experienced the Light of Christ.

Bobby has appeared multiple times on Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo, Religion, Politics, and the Culture with Dennis O’Donovan, Army of Apostles, as well as a 12-part weekly episodic television series with Shalom World TV titled “How To Love Jesus.” Bobby has also spoken at various Catholic parishes throughout the greater Detroit Florida, and Missouri areas on various topics and issues that are facing today’s Catholic’s. Bobby has also written numerous articles on issues such as evangelization, Catholic life and spirituality, various Catholic devotions, and apologetics. In the past, Bobby collaborated with Fr. John Riccardo and Kensington Community Church of Troy to host a Catholic/Protestant Dialogue titled “That They May Be One: A Candid Look at the Agreements and Differences between Catholics and Protestants.”

He currently resides in Michigan as a full-time Real estate investor and has been an OCIA Instructor for many years. For more information about Bobby Hesley, visit his: | FACEBOOK | X | LINKEDIN | EMAIL |

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