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The mission of Saint Dominic’s Media Inc. is to acquire, develop, produce, market, and distribute works of non-fiction and fiction that reflect the Dominican spirit of a life devoted to liturgical prayer, study of sacred truth, and zeal for the salvation of souls, for an audience that is seeking a richer, deeper spiritual life while living in the world.

Therefore, the work you submit for publication by Saint Dominic’s Media Inc. should reflect and be in union with our mission and that which we seek. In addition, the particular areas in which we publish content (i.e. books and articles) do have these particular callings listed below:

Book Manuscripts:

Theology and other Non-Fiction – We only accept completed manuscripts that are double-spaced, include no special formatting, and have been thoroughly edited. Do not send proposals.  We are looking for content that is in union with the traditional and faithful teaching of the Catholic Church. Selected manuscripts will be compelling, persuasive, smart but accessible to a broad audience, and timeless/enduring. Content should be original (at minimum 85% of the submitting author’s own contribution) and thoughtful; meaning, consisting of mature and well-thought-out arguments.

  • Fiction – We are only accepting completed manuscripts, which have been thoroughly edited. Do not send proposals.  We are looking for works of fiction that will inspire our readers to grow deeper in their Catholic faith by the way following fictional characters through their journey in search of the truth. Selected manuscripts will be compelling, fresh, and timeless.
  • Fictional Short Stories – In addition to the criteria for Fiction Submissions above, we are accepting completed short fictional stories for books that will include several short stories.
  • Poetry – We do not publish books of poetry, but Opus Verum (see below) might be an option for you.

Our published authors receive a royalty of 33% of total NET of the sales of their book for the first eighteen months of publication and 50% of NET thereafter.  Royalties are paid out on a calendar quarterly basis.  Our authors also receive 10 free copies of their book and are able to purchase additional copies at printing cost + shipping.

We only accept digital Microsoft word submissions at Also in the email, please tell us about your marketing capabilities of the book are (e.g. Facebook page, Twitter, Blog, journalist, etc.).  Expect a response back regarding your submission within ninety-days. Please do not contact us to check on the status of the review of your submission.

Things we are looking for right now:
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