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The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry: A Lecture Series on Freemasonry Through the Light of Catholicism


These 16 Sessions of this course will cover the origins of Freemasonry, the philosophy and principles of Freemasonry in each of the three craft lodge degrees, Freemasonry as a religion, each of the papal and congregation of the doctrine of faith documents against freemasonry within their historical context, perspective, continuity, and impact, and in the last session, I will place Freemasonry within the context of it belonging to the ongoing reordering of the world or the great reset as it’s being called now.


The origins of Freemasonry, the structure of Freemasonry, the religion of Freemasonry, the three craft lodge degrees of Freemasonry (i.e., Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Mason) and the Papal and Magisterial documents pertaining specifically to Freemasonry; including, In Eminenti (1738), Providas Romanorum (1751), Etsi Multa (1873), Humanum Genus (1884),  Officio Sanctissimo (1887), Dall’alto dell’Apostolicio Seggio (1890), Custodi Di Quella Fede (1892), Inimica Vis (1892), Praeclara Gratulationis (1894), the 1917 Canon Law, 1983 the Canon Law, and Quaesitum Est.


No materials are required, but having a copy of my book ‘The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry,’ will assist you greatly as that book will be my jumping-off point to dive deeper into the subject matter.

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