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Saint Dominic’s Media is devoted to teaching, inspiring, and leading all people to live the liturgy in their daily lives. We not only desire people to believe what the Catholic Church teaches and pray how the Church prays but, most importantly, to take what she taught them into the world to be a liturgical people that orients the world to Christ through their words and actions.

Your support is the lifeblood of our mission, as vital as the scent to a hound of heaven in pursuit of the New Jerusalem. We invite you to join this worthy chase by becoming a member at a rate that harmonizes with your spirit and situation. Whether you opt for a monthly pursuit or a lifelong odyssey, your contribution will help us keep the trail hot on our path to pursue Peace through Truth. Join us, and let’s hunt for virtue and holiness together!

Saint Dominic de Guzman, pray for us!
Saint Joseph Calasanz, pray for us!
Blessed Gundisalvus of Amarante, pray for us!
Pax per Veritatem!

HOUNDS OF HEAVEN HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS to all content, including Catholic theology courses and the E-book version of every title Saint Dominic’s Media published. Hounds of Heaven will be mailed a paperback copy of every book that has been published and will be published under our imprint ‘Saint Dominic’s Media.’

🌟 EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP HAS ACCESS to all content exclusive to registered email addresses, including select Catholic theology courses and E-books. LIMITED TIME PROMOTION: For a limited time, anyone who becomes an ‘Exclusive Member’ will receive ONE FREE BOOK of their choice from our collection. Select One Option at Checkout!

FREE REGISTRATION HAS ACCESS to all content exclusive to registered email addresses, including free Catholic theology courses and E-books.


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