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DISCUSSION COURSE: Return to the Sacred (Dispelling of Darkness in the World)

Are you looking for a way to deepen your faith and reconnect with the sacred? Do you want to learn from some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable Catholic speakers in the world? If so, you should check out this amazing course: Return to the Sacred!

Return to the Sacred is a free online course that will take you on a journey through the beauty, truth, and goodness of the Catholic faith. You will explore topics such as the sacraments, the saints, the Bible, the Church, the moral life, and more. You will also hear from 27 experts who will share their insights and testimonies on how to live out your faith in today’s world.

The course consists of 27 lessons that you can watch at your own pace. Each lesson is about forty-five long and includes a video presentation, a summary, a quiz, and a discussion forum. You can also download the audio version of each lesson and listen to it on your phone or computer. This course is completely free and open to anyone who wants to learn more about the Catholic faith. You can also invite your Church small group, friends, and family to join you and share this amazing opportunity with them.

BEGIN THE COURSE HERE: Return to the Sacred: A Discussion Course on the Dispelling of Darkness in the World | Saint Dominic’s Media (

Don’t miss this chance to return to the sacred and discover the beauty, truth, and goodness of the Catholic faith. Review the lesson descriptions below and start your journey today.

Some of the speakers include:

  • Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, a dynamic evangelist and radio host known as the Dynamic Deacon, who will inspire you to live your faith with passion and conviction.
  • Michael Voris, founder and president of Church Militant, who will talk about the crisis in the Church and how to respond with courage and fidelity.
  • Steve Ray, a convert to Catholicism and a best-selling author of Crossing the Tiber and St. John’s Gospel, who will guide you through the Holy Land and the life of Christ.
  • Dr. Janet Smith, a renowned moral theologian and author of Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later, who will explain the Church’s teaching on contraception and natural family planning.
  • Elizabeth Yore, an international child rights advocate and former special counsel at Harpo Inc., who will expose the global agenda of the anti-family and anti-life forces.
  • Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of the Ruth Institute, who will address the challenges and opportunities of defending marriage and family in the culture war.
  • Father Richard Heilman, a priest of the Diocese of Madison and founder of Roman Catholic Man, who will teach you how to become a spiritual warrior and fight against the forces of evil.
  • Brian Holdsworth, a creative professional and a YouTube sensation who makes videos about faith, culture, and design, who will challenge you to think critically and creatively about your Catholic identity.
  • Doug Barry, founder and director of RADIX – Battle Ready, who will show you how to train your body, mind, and soul for spiritual combat.
  • Father Dave Nix, a former paramedic turned priest who runs a popular YouTube channel called Padre Peregrino, who will share his adventures and insights from traveling around the world as a missionary priest.

And many more!


Doug BarryWe Were Built to Pursue the SacredWhat does it mean to be human? Doug Barry explores this profound question in this lesson, showing us how our very nature as embodied souls reveals our divine purpose. 
Roxie BecklessThe Sacredness of the Human BodyJoin Roxie Beckles as she reveals the profound link between the Theology of Fitness and the Pursuit of the Sacred.
Deacon Harold Burke-SiversMen Were Created to Protect the SacredDeacon Harold Burke-Sivers invites you to discover the power of God’s Word in your life as a man of faith.
Ann FaranThe Remnant Are Strenghted by the SacredJoin Ann Faran as she explores the stunning visions of the Blessed Mother Mary, who reveals the hidden mysteries and the glorious destiny of the Remnant of the faithful. 
Justin FarrThe Hollowing out of Sacred in SocietyIn this engaging lesson, Justin Farr reveals three key factors that eroded our connection to the sacred and offers practical steps to restore it.
Father Richard HeilmanFear of the Lord Leads to the Love of the SacredFather Richard Heilman shows us how the Fear of the Lord/Awe and Wonder can inspire us to seek the Sacred in everything. This lesson will help you deepen your relationship with God and discover the beauty of His presence.
Michael HichbornIndustrializing Charity Damaged our Sense of the SacredMichael Hichborn reveals the shocking truth: we let charity become corrupted by corporate greed and worldly desires. Instead of following Christ’s example of healing, teaching, and preaching with love and humility, we turned these missions into profit-driven enterprises that serve our own interests. Michael shows us how Saint Francis of Assisi can inspire us to reclaim our sacred bond with God and His people.
Brian HoldsworthThe Loss of Culture Leads to the Loss of SacredBrian Holdsworth, in this engaging lesson, traces the origin and meaning of this word in the context of Church history. He shows how ‘sacred’ implies being ‘set apart’ from the ordinary and worldly, and how it differs from ethics and virtue. He also explains how the loss of the sense of sacred is linked to the failure to internalize our faith. 
Jerry Jacobs, Jr.The Sacredness of MarriageHow did we forget the divine mystery of love that binds a man and a woman in Holy Matrimony? In this lesson, Jerry Jacobs Jr. reveals the tragic consequences of losing the sacred vision of marriage as a sacrament.
Dr. Abby JohnsonThe Sexual Revolution Distorted our Sense of the SacredDr. Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director turned pro-life activist, shares her insights from her personal journey of conversion. She reveals how the breakdown of the family and the Church’s identity crisis has contributed to the loss of respect for the sacredness of life.
Father Edward LooneyThe Pursuit of Sacred in FilmFather Edward Looney reveals how Mary’s spirituality is the excellence of the pursuit of the sacred. He also shows us how movies portray the sacred in both positive and negative ways. 
Father John LovellSpiritual Excellence Leads to Sacredness and SainthoodFather John Lovell invites us to learn from the inspiring example of Saint John Vianney, the humble priest who transformed a whole village by his love and zeal. In this lesson, you will discover how Saint John Vianney’s passion for God and his people led him to a life of prayer, penance, and service.
Deacon Christopher MajorSin Separates Us from Innocence and the SacredDeacon Christopher Major shows us the way in this lesson. He urges us to renounce sin and embrace holiness. He invites us to cultivate a life of prayer and silence, where we can listen to God’s voice.
James MarckThe Sacredness of Liturgical MusicWhat happened to the sacred music that once filled the Catholic Church with awe and reverence? How did traditional music shape the worshipper’s soul and connect them to the divine? And how can we restore this lost treasure of our faith? Join James Marck as he explores these questions and more in this engaging lesson.
Greg Maturi, O.P.Forming a Life Devoted to Sacred TruthFather Gregory Maturi, O.P., reveals how we can reclaim our sacredness in a world full of distractions. He shows us how to seek veritas, the truth that sets us free, and how to resist the lies that enslave us. This lesson will inspire you to pursue the sacred with passion and joy.
Joe McClaneThe Irrational Fear of the SacredHow does fear distort our perception of the Holy? Joe McClane dives into this question and reveals how we can overcome our fears and embrace the sacred in our lives.
Dr. Jennifer MorseThe Anti-Sacred Constitution of the Sexual State Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse reveals the answer in her book, ‘The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along.’ She shows how the radical transformation of marriage and family undermined the foundation of our culture and morality.
Paul NelsonThe Sacredness of Catholic IdentityHow can we reclaim our Catholic identity in a world that has forgotten it? That’s the question that Paul A. Nelson tackles in this lesson, with passion and insight. He shows us the roots of our loss of identity, and the steps we can take to restore it.
David NixSacred Time and Sacred SpaceDiscover the beauty and wisdom of the Catholic liturgy in this lesson by Father David Nix. He explains how sacred time and space are arranged and celebrated in both the Eastern and Western traditions of the Church.
Jordan PachecoThe Sacredness of MasculinityHow does being a man relate to being a father? How does true masculinity connect to the quest for the Sacred? These are the burning questions that Jordan Pacheo explores in this riveting lesson. He shows us how masculinity and family are not just concepts, but powerful forces that shape our lives and our pursuit of the sacred.
Matthew PleseThe Sacredness of Fasting & AbstinenceDo you want to rediscover the sacredness of life? Do you want to deepen your relationship with God and His Church? Then join Matthew Plese as he explores the ancient and powerful practice of fasting and abstinence. 
Steve RayThe Sacred is Worth Dying ForHow can we discover the sacred in our lives? Join Steve Ray, a seasoned guide to the Holy Land, as he reveals the secrets of finding God in the places where He has revealed himself. 
David Skuban The Role of Discipline in Persuing the SacredHow can we cultivate a passion for Christian discipline and reverence for the Holy? David Skuban shows us the way in this lesson, where he invites us to embrace the rich traditions of the Catholic Church. By following the sacraments, solemnities, and liturgical calendar, we can align our lives with the rhythms of grace and deepen our relationship with God.
Dr. Janet SmithThe Human Person is a Sacred Gift from GodDr. Janet Smith shows us how the beauty of Church architecture reflects the beauty of God’s presence in us. She draws from sacred Scripture to reveal how we are called to be holy as God’s temples and God’s children. She challenges us to embrace the gift of everything that comes from God and to honor it with reverence. 
David TorkingtonHow the Demise of Mystical Theology Impacted our Sense of the SacredHow can we rediscover the awe and wonder of God’s presence in our lives? David Torkington invites us to join him in the desert, where we can learn to pray with passion and devotion. He shows us that the sacred is not just a matter of external rituals, but a reflection of our inner communion with God.
Michael VorisThe Search and Recovery Plan for the SacredYou have a sacred destiny, but the world, the flesh, and the devil are trying to stop you. That’s what Michael Voris reveals in this lesson. He warns that our culture is heading for a disaster, like the fall of Rome. Only a miracle can save us from the chaos. 
Elizabeth YoreWe Were Robbed of Sacredness and InnocenceHow did the Catholic Church lose its vision of truth and beauty? Who were the culprits behind this robbery? And what can we do to restore the sacred in our world? These are the questions that Elizabeth Yore tackles in this lesson, with passion and insight. She shows us how to be faithful Catholics who engage in the public sphere and influence public policy for the good of all.
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