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The Hidden Dangers of Freemasonry: A Comprehensive Resource Guide

‘The Index Against Freemasonry,’ by David L. Gray, is a catalog of the works against Freemasonry by Catholic Theologian, Historian, and Author David L. Gray – a Former Freemason of 10+ years (Cf: Masonic C.V.)

The Definitive Book on the Catholic Church’s Prohibition Against Freemasonry

The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry by David L. Gray

The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry / Saint Dominic’s Media / Amazon (Paper/Hard/Kindle)
SUMMARY:  The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry: A Theological and Historical Treatment on the Catholic Church’s Prohibition Against Freemasonry and its Appendant Masonic Bodies contextualizes the history and provides a theological analysis and commentary on the nine Papal documents, two Canon Laws, and two documents issued by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, which relate specifically to the Catholic Church’s dogmatic prohibition against Freemasonry.

Course on the Catholic Church’s Prohibition Against Freemasonry

The Catholic Catechism (Teaching) on Freemasonry / Saint Dominic’s Media / UDemy
DESCRIPTION: These 16 Sessions of this course will cover the origins of Freemasonry, the philosophy and principles of Freemasonry in each of the three craft lodge degrees, Freemasonry as a religion, each of the papal and congregation of the doctrine of faith documents against Freemasonry within their historical context, perspective, continuity, and impact, and in the last session, I will place Freemasonry within the context of it belonging to the ongoing reordering of the world or the great reset.

Various Videos About Freemasonry

  1. Freemasonry Irreconcilable with Catholicism
  2. Confessions of a Former Freemason Turned Catholic Convert
  3. Stephen Hand Interviews David L. Gray (Catholic Convert from Agnosticism)
  4. Freemasonry is a Religion: Former Freemason Explains
  5. SPEECHFreemasonry: the Cost of Speaking the Truth & the Cost of Silence
  6. A Grand Master of Freemasons is also a Catholic?
  7. Which Catholic Popes were Freemasons
  8. Freemasons have Infested the Black Catholic Church
  9. The Truth about Freemasonry and the Carbonari – Alta Vendita
  10. Haitian Voodoo Freemasonry in Grenada Catholic Church
  11. INTERVIEW with Fr. Dave Nix: Freemasonry and ‘Black Lives Matter’
  12. INTERVIEW with William Hemsworth: What is Freemasonry and Can a Catholic be a Member?
  13. INTERVIEW with John Coleman: Freemasonry in the Church, State, and History
  14. Masonic Connection to ‘Separation of Church and State’
  15. INTERVIEW on CDTWhy Can’t Catholics be Freemasons
  16. INTERVIEW on Patrick Coffin: Freemasonry and the Catholic Church
  17. How Do I Leave Freemasonry?
  18. The Big Lies of 1517, 1717, and 1917
  19. INTERVIEW on CDT: Pope Francis & Nancy Pelosi – Freemason Handshake?
  20. INTERVIEW on LA Catholic MorningIs Freemasonry Still a Threat?
  21. INTERVIEW on Glad Trad Podcast: From Freemason to Faith
  22. INTERVIEW with Bear Woznick: From Freemason to Catholic
  23. The 1892 Masonic Program Adopted by Today’s Genderless Movement
  24. INTERVIEW on Lepanto Institute: From Freemason to Catholic
  25. The Knights of Peter Claver are Infested with Freemasons
  26. What Catholics Get Wrong about Freemasonry (Response to Fr. Chris Alar)
  27. Review of Dr. Taylor Marshall’s Latest Infiltration Offering
  28. Is Pope Francis a Freemason (Examination of the 8 Proofs)
  29. My Thoughts on Masonic Deliverance Prayers
  30. Catholic Bishop Meets with the Freemasons
  31. INTERVIEW on The Prodigal LifeFreemasonry, The Religion of Blackness, and Catholic Freedom
  32. INTERVIEW on The Prodigal LifeFreemasonry Pt. 2: Dark History and Dangerous Secrets
  33. Greek Letter Fraternities Founded by Freemasons
  34. INTERVIEW on Hope in the Desert: Hope in the Desert Episode: The Evils of Freemasonry
  35. Freemasonry, SSPX in Schism, Knights of Columbus Infested with Freemasons, and Fatima w/ John Salza
  36. Trampling the Myth of the Papal Tiara of the Knight of Kadosh (30th Degree) of the AASR Southern Jurisdiction
  37. The Transmission of the Masonic Program
  38. Confessions of a Jason Tomero, a Former Freemason, Turned Catholic Convert
  39. Masonic Deliverance Prayers May be Harmful to You
  40. Royce White UnEducates Jason Whitlock on Secret Societies
  41. INTERVIEW w/ Father Edward Looney: Why a Catholic Can’t Be a Free Mason and Other Questions about Freemasonry

Essays on Various Subjects about Freemasonry

  1. On Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry in 1738
  2. Weninger, Haydn, Mozart, and the History of Austrian Catholic Freemasons
  3. An Introduction to the Religion, Philosophy, Rituals, and Plots of Freemasonry
  4. The Autosoteric Sacraments of Freemasonry
  5. The Historic and Present Danger of Prince Hall Freemasonry
  6. The United States of Freemasonry: 130 Years of Futility Against the Masonic Program
  7. The Masonic Infiltration of the Catholic Church
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