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Dead On Arrival: The Seven Fatal Errors of Sola-Scriptura


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The Doctrine of Sola-Scriptura (Bible Only) teaches that Scripture (the Bible) alone is the sole source of authority for the Christian and the Church. Coined and promulgated by Martin Luther and John Calvin (1500’s), this doctrine has become the ground-floor upon which all of the doctrine of Protestant-Christianity has been built. If it can be proven that Sola-Scriptura is in error and that it is an innovation to orthodox Christianity, the entire body of purely Protestant doctrine will be, subsequently, rendered void.

Using Scripture itself, reason, and a spoon full of humor, David L. Gray brilliantly reduces the doctrine of Sola-Scripture to absolute absurdity; thus rendering all of Protestantism Dead on Arrival.

This book is a must have for all Christians who love sacred Scripture and desire to use it as God intended.

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