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The Liturgical Sense of the Readings at Mass


he Liturgy Sense of the Reading at Mass’ is an audio/video podcast created by Catholic Theologian David L. Gray. In this series, he offers Commentary and Reflection on the Sunday and obligatory Solemnity Readings at Mass through the ‘liturgical sense’ method that he has been developing since the publishing of his highly acclaimed book, ‘The Divine Symphony: An Exordium on the Theology of the Catholic Mass.’ 

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Catholic Theology Courses

Return to the Sacred (A Discussion Course on the Dispelling of Darkness in the World) engages twenty-seven prominent Catholic Priests, Deacons, Religious, Theologians, and Evangelists to answer the questions: (1) How did we get here to a point in time where the pursuit of secular human rights has become more important than the pursuit of the sacred? (2) What have we lost along the way, and (3) What can we do to turn people back and orient themselves to the sacred?(CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

The Catholic Catechism (Teaching) on Freemasonry consists of 16 Sessions that cover the origins of Freemasonry, the philosophy and principles of Freemasonry in each of the three craft lodge degrees, Freemasonry as a religion, each of the papal and congregation of the doctrine of faith documents against Freemasonry within their historical context, perspective, continuity, and impact, and in the last session, I will place Freemasonry within the context of it belonging to the ongoing reordering of the world or the great reset. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

The Catechism of the Catholic Church w/David L. Gray
The Catechism of the Catholic Church w/David L. Gray


Talks on the Catechism of the Catholic Church /w David L. Gray’ consists of thirty-nine lessons that succinctly bridge the teachings of the Catholic Church, as found in the 2016 Catechism of the Catholic Church ©, with the liturgy of the Catholic Mass. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

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