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New Title: “The Divine Symphony”

For the past century and longer, nearly every book written by Catholics about the Catholic Mass has taken to the approach to explain the liturgy by dissecting it into separate parts and pieces. Contrary to this staunchly popular style of teaching, the Catholic Mass is not a disjointed litany of things laity says, things the Priest says, times they stand, times they kneel, things they do, and things they don’t do. Rather, in all of its liturgical expressions, from East to West, the Catholic Mass is a singular and Divinely inspired composition; a familial song of prayers and confessions. It truly is a Divine Symphony called the, ‘Ite, Missa est.’

This is what makes David L. Gray’s work groundbreaking, in that finally there comes along a book that presents a harmonious symphony of the Catholic Mass.

The Divine Symphony: An Exordium to the Catholic Mass consists of four very accessible and easy to read movements that narrates, explores, explains the meaning, mystery, theology, history, symbolism, and continuity of the Catholic Mass.

This Book is Available in Hardback, Paperback, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.

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