Essays on Being Catholic, Black, American, and Traditional (liturgical Eastern/Latin and/or traditional in the orthodoxy of the faith)

Saint Dominic’s Media, Inc., is soliciting and collecting essays from Catholics who are Black and American and who embrace the traditional liturgies of the Church (e.g. Divine Liturgy, Melkite, Maronite, Ruthenians, the Traditional Latin Rites, and etc.) and/or Catholics who are Black and American and embrace and live the orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church (e.g. strong advocates of the Catholic understanding of family, praying the Rosary, devotion to the Saints, reverent dispositions during the liturgy, such as receiving the Holy Eucharist on the tongue, while kneeling, dress, and prayer postures). We are also welcoming essays outside of the United States, from other English speaking areas of the world where being Black and Catholic is a marginalized experience, such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Northern Europe.

These essays will become a part of a collection of essays in a book that intends to give evidence and testimony to the world of the existence of Catholics who are Black and who fell in love with what the Catholic Church has taught throughout the centuries and who have responded to the call to be saints in that tradition. All authors will be compensated for their contribution upon publication of the title; the amount is yet to be determined but will not be below $50 USD per essay.


Your submitted essay should definitely include things such as your faith background (where your raised Catholic or did you convert), some of the moments in your early life when you encountered God or identified a change in your disposition towards God, what lead up to you falling in love with tradition, what obstacles you experience in your embrace of the Catholic faith and/or tradition, what you have loved the most about being Catholic, when did it become plainly aware to you that being Catholic AND Black made you somewhat of a unicorn in predominately White and English speaking countries – and what impact has that had on you, how has the tradition of the faith helped to form who you are in the world, how does the liturgy impact your life. There is no set order of how to construct your essay but be considerate of the reader being able to follow your timeline without getting lost. Also, avoid using “I” as much as possible. Also, try to write in an inspiring way; while you may find it necessary to express some criticisms of the new order liturgical rite and modernism in the Catholic Church, write like a champion of the faith, rather than as some poor depressed soul without any hope; that is, lean in the truth, good, and beauty of our tradition, even though you might have to address what is false, evil, and ugly.

LENGTH: Ideally this essay should be between 2,500 to 3,000 words. Consideration will be given to essays longer than 3,000 words but not shorter than 2,000.


All essays must be submitted to

Deadline for Submission is August 31, 2021