The Silent Genocide: Christians Persecuted Worldwide

“For there is no greater unhappiness than the happiness of sinners.” - St. Thomas Aquinas


t has been 923 yrs since Pope Urban II declared the first Crusade in 1095, encouraging Christians in medieval Europe to rise up and defend themselves as well as their faith while liberating Jerusalem after several brutal encounters with Islamic tyrants. Unsurprisingly, this is a subject the normal individual along with the Vatican tend to keep silent on. Though this is no longer a subject, but rather an issue. An issue we the lay people and the Church need to recognize before history repeats itself inevitably.

All around the world Christians are actively being hunted, tortured, and Martyred for their faith by Islamic persecution and state regulated discipline. Though the number one country known for persecuting Christians is North Korea, nearly all of these deaths were at the hands of Islamic Jihadists in both Afghanistan and Somalia. Routinely targeting Christians in key areas of the country and initiating surprise attacks on families in the middle of the night murdering not only the parents thought to be infidels, but also their children.

This is also the same for Iran, Syria, Turkey, Eritrea, and Libya. These are people being ruthlessly slaughtered because they have not chosen to convert to Islam, and have chosen to worship Christ the King and the Holy Trinity. We as Christians were put on this earth to suffer, this is what we live for. We as people were not put on this earth to be lead to the chopping block just for embracing the Lord God Almighty. There are multiple accounts of mass extermination of Christians in Nigeria with over 238 people being killed in their sleep as well as 200 people driven from their home and 149 people killed in Egypt just these past couple of months. Last year more than 5,000 Christians were Martyred worldwide according to a study done by The Open Doors Foundation.

How many more Christians need to die before the public eye sees this as the issue it is? Though again it’s not surprising the lack of motivation from a generation that has willingly suppressed the idea of God out in the name of science and Realism. As a result, over 900,000 Christians were killed between the years of 2005 to 2015 and we the people never even bat an eye to it. We have become numb as a generation to the horrors of our own cause and negligence, but are too prideful to admit we have been on a path that will eventually crumble. This is seen in Europe with the Mass migration of Islamic refugees spreading the word of “Allah” and publicly shaming anyone who disagrees. In extreme cases, there have been reports of Acid attacks in the U.K., France, and Germany. These are grown adults throwing Acid on the faces of either woman who they thought were not living up to Sharia Law, or People they knew could not be converted from Christianity. Islam is everything Christianity is not and advocates against entirely, explaining why it is the fastest growing religion in prisons in the U.S. and around the world. Islam is also the only religion that forgives Rape, Theft, Murder, Lying, Cheating, and Pedophilia as long it is for the good of Islam and in the name of “Allah”.

What the world needs to see are these truths in an effective way. Looking back on the early 20th century, the Jewish people of Europe were sent by the trainloads to their torcher and near extinction before the world even lifted a finger. Many countries scuffled but ultimately a global War was waged to combat such an evil. The difference now is instead of it being a political quarrel, it is a Religious Genocide. With knowing this significant detail, it’s well worth to know that Pacifism is not the official stance of Christians and the Church. Though there has always been a pacifist faction within Christianity itself, it was deemed passivity, in the face of others, violence was an even greater evil than violence itself. With this, the “Just War” doctrine was born.

The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas [1265-74] exclaims there are three conditions for a Just War to occur. First, the Authority in Command must possess a Moral and Lawful intention so that the will of the people does not sway to that of corruption. Second, there must be a just cause, so that those who are being waged against, deserve the destruction brought to them for the fault that they have committed. Like Augustine says, “Just wars are usually defined as those which avenge injuries.” There is no doubt that this would directly correlate to the number of deaths at the hands of Islam in just recent years. Finally, the third is the right intention of promoting good or avoiding evil inevitably. Again Augustine explains “Eagerness to hurt, bloodthirsty desire for revenge, an untamed and unforgiving temper, ferocity in renewing the struggle, dust of empire- these and the like excesses are justly blamed in war.”

Our faith is worth preserving, and by the grace of God, it will be. Lets us not forget that our Lord God has an Army, and at its command is St. Michael The Archangel. Vanquishing any amount of evil that might cross our path, the Lord’s Army protects us in our every step. A perfect example of this would be the current occupants of the Holy Land, Israel. Every day, Israel is attacked from all sides of their borders from Hamas and Islamic Jihadists who don’t consider them a country or even worth a life. Yet they remain one of the strongest nations in the world despite intercepting hundreds of missiles launched at them on a yearly basis. The strength of the Almighty will be learned, if not by the hands of man, then by the light of the divine. In Nomine Patris et Filii et spiritus Sancti


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